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The First AI SocialFi Platform

Discover the future of connection: a place where creative minds and communities grow together.

Connect. Create. Earn.

Express yourself without limits. Soulme gives you the tools to bring your creations to life and share them your way.

AI meets socialfi

For Creators & Communities

Soulme is your space to shine. We give you the power to easily monetize and control your content. It’s your talent, your rules.

Freedom to Innovate

Our AI-driven platform is your creative partner. Turn your ideas into engaging experiences that resonate with your community, and keep them coming back for more.

Exclusive Perks

Embrace the Soulme experience with exclusive content, VIP perks and rewards for engagement. Soulme is more than a platform, it’s a movement.

Creators, connect & earn

Empower your creativity, expand your reach.

AI Tools: Elevate your content with smart, easy-to-use tools.

Exclusive Content: Reward followers in your tokengated community.

Creative Control: Manage and monetize your work on your terms.

VIP Benefits: Special status for your top fans (SBT holders).

Social Launchpad: Distribute your content from Soulme across social platforms effortlessly.

Engagement Points: Elevating your point experience, your points are your AI credits to the Soulme experience.

Wider Reach: Gain exposure and grow your audience with ease.

Communities share & thrive

Together, forging a future of shared success.

  • VIP Access: Special entry for our committed SBT holders.
  • Savings Unlocked: Enjoy discounts and exclusive deals.
  • Shared Success: Profit from the collective success with revenue sharing from creator content.
  • Direct Dialogue: Communicate directly with creators and industry influencers.
  • Rewarding Participation: Earn more than just points for engagement, your points are your AI credits to the Soulme experience.


Where Soulme takes you next

  • Phase 1Now live!

    ApeFest Launch

    Embark on an adventure where your content takes center stage. Dive into the live MVP with features like the Match tool and SBT Trading, connect with your community and start shaping your digital destiny.

    Custodial Wallet | SBT Trading | Community and Private Forums | X Connect | Match Feature | Image Sharing

  • Phase 2December 2023

    The Game Changer

    Elevate your experience with our gamification layer. Accumulate points, engage socially, and unlock exclusive OG Pass rewards. The game is on, and your influence grows here!

    Point System | Social to earn | Referral System | OG Pass | Mini Social Games | AI Match feature

  • Phase 3Q1 2024

    The Al Revolution

    Unleash the full potential of your content with Al Creation Tools and liquidity onboarding mechanisms in Phase 3. Fractionalize your content and enrich the connection between creators and community.

    Al Creator Tools | Fiat to crypto solutions |
    Public Thread and Posts | Subscriptions | Business services |
    Social Media Integration

  • Phase 4+Q2 2024

    The Revolution Unfolds

    While we've covered a lot, the Soulme AI journey is just beginning. Stay tuned as we continue to innovate the tooling systems, empower and grow together. Your story with us is far from over. This is gonna be wild!

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FAQ – you ask, we answer.

Discover everything you need to know about Soulme.

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  • Which cryptocurrencies are supported in the wallet?
  • How do I transfer funds to and from my Soulme wallet?
  • How is my personal information used and protected?
  • What should I do if I suspect unauthorized access to my account?
  • How do I recover my account if I lose my wallet credentials?
  • How do I contact customer support for help?
  • How do I connect my ‘X’ account?

Still have Questions? No worries! Connect with us on Discord, open a ticket, and we’ll provide all the answers you’re seeking!